Enrichment Programs

One World Montessori hosts a variety of extracurricular activities for the students’ enrichment. Some of these activities are conducted during school hours and others are offered after school. Fees for activities are determined by the instructor and are paid directly to him/her.

Please contact your campus office for more information and a registration form.

Physical Education

Hot Shots Sports Program

At: Cabrillo, Foxworthy
For: Primary children who do not take a nap (during school)

Hot Shots, offered by Dave Clapper, is a weekly motor development and physical education class. Dave brings over 20 years of experience instructing, teaching, coaching, and working with children of all ages. The lessons are innovative, goal-oriented, and age-appropriate; but most of all, they are fun!

The goal is to provide a safe and fun learning environment to promote positive attitudes towards physical education, self-improvement, and a love for sports and physical activity.

Little Movers Physical Education Program

At: Cabrillo, Foxworthy, Pearl
For: Elementary (after school at Pearl; during school at Cabrillo) and Primary children who take a nap (during school)

Little Movers is designed to create a fun, positive, non-competitive atmosphere for the students at One World Montessori. The weekly class includes games and activities that develop motor skills, coordination, team building and physical fitness. It is a year-round program that begins in September and ends in June.

LittleToes Yoga

At: Foxworthy
For: Primary – ages 3.5+ (after school)

LittleToes Yoga is a unique approach to integrative learning using yoga as a pathway. The weekly program integrates the child’s imagination, creative movement, and games to learn basic yoga asana, breathing and relaxation techniques. It sets the groundwork for meeting challenges and growing strong physically, mentally, and emotionally, and cultivating self-esteem for a lifetime of successful achievement.

Soccer Shots

At: Cabrillo, Foxworthy
For: Primary – ages 3.5+ (after school)

Soccer Shots® is an acclaimed national non-competitive program for children, recognized as ‘#1 in Children’s Fitness’ this year. Their objective is to introduce your child to soccer – the world’s most popular sport. In addition to learning soccer basics, their curriculum emphasizes motor skill development, team play dynamics and character.

The Arts

Piano Lessons

At: Foxworthy
For: Primary – ages 4.5+ (after school)

Weekly piano lessons using the Alfred method build and enhance students’ coordination and expression. This method is preferred for its way of teaching intervallic relationships between notes. Students learn about chords and progression and develop competencies that will last a lifetime.

Private piano lessons are offered by Cindy Withers.

Marvegos Fine Art School

At: Cabrillo, Foxworthy
For: Primary – ages 4.5+ (during school)

The Marvegos Fine Art School offers a weekly one-hour “Art Exploration” class. Fun creating “original” art in drawing, sculpting, mixed media and ceramic is in store for participants of the first three sessions each school year. Students learn the terminology used in the world of fine art through an interactive method. Projects are age appropriate, fun, and develop each student’s confidence in making creative decisions. Students completing all 3 sessions of fine art each year will qualify to exhibit at an annual end of the year exhibit in June.

Cultural Programs

Chinese Art and Culture Club

At: Foxworthy
For: Primary – ages 3.5+ (after school)

This program offers activities that build competence in basic communication, Chinese brush art and Chinese culture (including an introduction to Chinese water color, paper cutting, Chinese festivals and tea culture).