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Famous Montessori Children & Supporters

“We both went to Montessori school… — Larry Page, Co-founder of Google Below are a few of the many famous former Montessori alumni and/or supporters of Montessori schooling. Click on any image to learn more about the individual’s connection to Montessori. Also, if you’d like to hear about some of their connections to Montessori but […]

What the Evidence Says About Montessori Education

It’s been more than 100 years since Dr. Maria Montessori first developed the Montessori method of education, which focuses on building children’s resourcefulness and natural abilities through practical play. Today, Montessori is the most widespread alternative to traditional education. There are thousands of Montessori schools across the globe where students practice daily life skills, learn […]

The Prepared Environment at Home

One of the fundamental principles behind Maria Montessori’s educational theory is that the child needs to learn in a “prepared environment.”  Order, simplicity, beauty and accessibility are fundamental to a prepared environment.  This article by Maren Schmidt offers great suggestions on how to view your home from the child’s perspective and make the necessary changes to […]

Our Kids are Deprived of This Essential Ingredient for Happiness — Victoria Prooday

Montessori explained both the importance of the connection between the hand and the developing young brain and the link between purposeful work and healthy feelings of self esteem and self worth. The following article shows how modern life is impeding both developmental processes. https://yourot.com/parenting-club/busy-hands