Junior High

We seek to sow life in the child rather than theories, to help him in his growth, mental and emotional, as well as physical and for that we must offer grand and lofty ideas to the human world.
– Maria Montessori

Erdkinder Philosophy

One World strives to encourage the development of the adolescent during this sensitive age by continuing the Montessori philosophy of the “whole child” and encouraging and strengthening self-confidence at this critical period of life. The curriculum is structured to help each student discover his or her own unique values through a prepared and expansive environment. The design is both rigorous and personal and provides a strong, healthy foundation for high school. One World Junior High offers opportunities that address the cognitive, physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of the adolescent.

Please note, not all curriculum areas will be covered in each year.

Junior High Academic Program



  • Enriched reading examination of what makes good literature

Verbal and Written

  • Skills in research, report writing, essays, public speaking, debates


  • Time lines of global civilizations, 20th century
  • Time lines of the Great Civilizations
  • Time line of American history


  • Physical, geological, political and economic on both world-wide and national scales

Philosophy and Ethics

  • Encouragement of disciplined thought on individual and global issues
  • Exploration of philosophers such as Plato,
  • Aristotle and Socrates
  • Study of world religions, customs and traditions

Curriculum for Caring

  • In-house service such as reading to Primary students and tutorial service to Elementary students
  • Outside service directed to assistance in the community on a volunteer basis

Math and Science


  • Highly individualized program aimed at complete understanding of problem-solving in both abstract and practical situations
  • Specialized instructors for advanced math and science


  • Biology, chemistry, geology, physics, cosmology through experiments, presentations, readings, reports, and class discussion
  • Theoretical and practical problems


  • Mechanics of software
  • Data analysis for science or math
  • Instruction in computer use as a medium for all disciplines

Arts, Exercise, and Outings


  • Drama, theater production (creative writing and acting)
  • Graphic arts
  • Art history including Greek sculpture, impressionism, cubism, modern art


  • Music theory and movement
  • Guitar Instruction
  • Music history/appreciation

Physical Education

  • Student organized sports
  • Capoeira

Outings and Odysseys

  • Student-planned class outings
  • Beginning and end of year odyssey to unify the group

Foreign Languages

  • Spanish
  • Reading, writing, speaking, listening
  • Language clubs

Health, Nutrition, and Daily Living

  • Diet, nutrition and good hygiene
  • Daily living skills (planning and cooking meals, gardening, simple mechanics)
  • Family life education
  • Drug and alcohol awareness

More information about this program:

  • The Junior High program is available at the Foxworthy location.
  • Tuition and Fees for this program can be found here.