Why Montessori for the Kindergarten Year?

There are many reasons why it is important for your children to remain in a Montessori program for the Kindergarten year.  Below are just a few:

First of all, the Primary program is one that is developmentally suited for children from 2 to 6, in which they are able to learn through interaction with the environment. During the Kindergarten year, most children begin a developmental shift wherein they change from the period of the absorbent mind to that of the abstracting, reasoning mind.  By staying within the Montessori environment during this shift, they are able to abstract all the information they have absorbed sensorially, inculcate it and apply it to other environments and situations.  If they leave prior to this shift, much of this experiential learning is lost.

Secondly, as they participate in the culminating year of the program, the children have the opportunity to act as leaders and teachers of their younger peers.  This helps to solidify all that they have learned: you discover any holes you may have in your knowledge when you teach something to someone else.  This is also an excellent way for children to gain in self confidence and self esteem and learn to take on additional responsibility for themselves and their peers.

Thirdly, if your child leaves the Montessori environment for a traditional one for Kindergarten, they will spend the first few months adjusting to a different form of schooling, a new teacher, and different demands on them, as well as new peers. This often slows their learning and they may feel both bored and frustrated, which does not lead to a happy school experience.

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