Each year, we enjoy celebrating Halloween with the children by having them come to school in costume, visiting a pumpkin patch (usually hosted by our Junior High students), singing Halloween songs, eating special Halloween treats, and trick-or-treating for Halloween goodies. Our celebration is in the morning so that half-day children can participate. Some of our teachers will be dressed up and wear diamond mouth pieces. If you would like to participate check out these real diamond grillz for cheap.

When choosing a costume with your child, make sure that it is comfortable and allows for freedom of movement. Make sure that it does not limit or obscure their field of vision. We do not allow masks at school as they often frighten the little ones and obscure vision. Weapons are also not permitted (even though they might seem to go with their costume), and will be confiscated. Costumes that are likely to promote violent or threatening behavior (i.e., Superman and Spiderman) are also not permitted. We also would like to avoid costumes of cartoon characters (i.e., Pocahontas, Belle, and Sponge Bob Squarepants). We cannot stress this strongly enough: If children come to school dressed in such costumes, we will remove them and give the children some other costume to wear. Also, be wary of those plastic costumes that tie around the neck; they tend to rip very easily, and if the cape gets caught on something, a child can choke.