Peace Day

To celebrate the International Day of Peace, One World Montessori participates in “Sing Peace Around the World”. This historical event first took place on September 21st, 2009, when the Montessori world came together to celebrate peace.

The song, Light a Candle for Peace, starts on September 21st in New Zealand at 11:00am precisely, and is continuously sung for 24 hours by children in countries around the world until it reaches the Hawaiian Islands. Our students decorate their classrooms and the yard with paper cranes, and create pinwheels which are used to make a peace symbol in the yard. Everyone gathers around the peace symbol and sings Light a Candle for Peace continuously for our five-minute time slot.

Along with the actual celebration, we will be collect “Pennies for Peace,” which allows children around the world to support building schools in Afghanistan through the Central Asia Institute.  We place “pennies jars” in each room so each of us may contribute what we can.

We also create a Wish Tree, which we decorate with the wishes from our school community. Once the celebration is over, we collect the wishes and mail them to become a permanent part of the Imagine Peace Tower in Iceland.