United Nations Day

Maria Montessori believed that from an early age it was very important for children to become aware that all people have similar needs, but may satisfy them in different ways, depending on what is available to them within their environment. She believed that imparting this information to children is essential if we are to evolve into a more accepting and peaceful species. For that reason, we include “Peoples of the World” and “Fundamental Needs of People” materials in our classrooms. We also celebrate United Nations’ Day. Although all of us now live in the United States of America, and many of our families have done so for generations, all of the people presently living in North America, aside from Native Americans, originally came from a different continent and followed customs from different countries. We acknowledge and enjoy the richness of this cultural diversity on United Nations’ Day each year in October.

For United Nations’ Day, the children come to school dressed in the traditional garb of the country of one of their ancestors. For the celebration, the children learn songs, greetings, and phrases from each country that is represented. We will also have a potluck feast immediately following the celebration, with a wide array of delicious cuisine from around the world.

Parents and other family members are welcome to join us for this special celebration.

Leigh Campus 2021 UN Day Celebration