The Elementary program (grades 1-6), the focus is on developing the whole child through interaction with an interdisciplinary curriculum, designed specifically to meet the needs of children at this stage of development. This is implemented through use of extensive timelines which allow the child to discover the interrelatedness of all living things.
Our goal for the elementary child is to develop an understanding of the evolution of life and the feeling of responsibility toward aiding further evolution. Additionally, we strive to develop an awareness of the similarities of the basic needs of all mankind and an appreciation for the varieties of ways in which those needs are met. We encourage an awareness of the interdependence of men and nations, with a desire for cooperation and peace. Through their studies, we expect them to perfect their skills and tools in the areas of mathematics, sciences, and language, as well.

Children are divided into mixed-age groupings to foster peer-teaching and spontaneous group interaction. The teacher focuses on helping the children discover and fulfill their maximum potential, acting as a catalyst as they learn academic skills and to use their time effectively and wisely. This grouping nurtures the feeling of a community consisting of teachers, students and parents. Here, students are able to grow not only academically but also emotionally, socially and spiritually.

Daily Schedule

8 – 8:30 am Day care
8:30 Recess
9 – 12 pm Work time
12 – 12:30 Lunch break
12:30 – 1 Recess
1 – 3 Work time
3 – 6 Day care

More information about this program:

  • Elementary I (1st – 3rd grade) and Elementary II (4th – 6th grade) are available at the Pearl location.
  • Tuition and Fees for this program can be found here.