Summer School

One World Montessori is proud to offer Primary and Elementary summer programs that we feel surpasses any in our area: programs that integrate the need for relaxation, recreation, and exploration with our already existing, excellent academic program. In the hope of making our program available to as many children as possible, our enrollment schedule is very flexible. Children can be enrolled in any combination of one-week sessions. We offer a program of seven to eight one-week Primary summer sessions and six one-week Elementary summer sessions.

The Summer Program combines a morning work period with field trips, and afternoon activities like swimming, gymnastics, music, and arts and crafts. Fees for the Summer Program are different from those during the school year. The program is divided into one-week sessions to allow for family vacations.

Daily Schedule

Half Day
8:00 am – 12 pm
School Day
8:00 am – 3 pm
8:30 am – 3 pm
Full Day
not offered for summer 2020
8 am – 6 pm

Download Elementary Summer Schedule
Download Primary Summer Schedule (Foxworthy campus)

Day Care

After school day care will follow the same schedule as during the school year.

Things to Share

Children often wish to bring something from home to school to show their friends. We have no specific “sharing day,” but items can be brought to show at circle-time. Leaves, animals, shells, rock collections, photographs of trips, etc. make good objects for discussion. Toys, especially those of a violent nature, weapons, and make-up are not permitted at school, and will be confiscated. Books for story-time, sand toys and outdoor athletic equipment are always welcome, provided your child is willing to share. Although we try to keep an eye on everything, we cannot be responsible for the items your child brings to school.

Field Trips

We take field trips at various times during the summer session. The first field trip of each session is relatively short, which allows any new students to be coached in, and to observe from returning students, how to travel as a safe and organized group. Our field trip groups regularly impress our hosts with their behavior and attentiveness.

Tee Shirts

Each Primary child needs at least one One World Montessori tee-shirt to wear on field trips. The shirts are helpful to those who are supervising the children, especially to parents who are assisting. It is a great “visual aid” that is not readily lost, yet it does not reveal the child’s name to strangers.