We’re Open and Accepting New Students!

The children are so glad to be back and able to socialize. They are adapting well to the new restrictions and social distancing. It is amazing how flexible they are! The teachers are really enjoying being able to interact with the students in person, and are finding the restrictions and sanitizing procedures far less onerous than they anticipated. It is wonderful to hear all the happy voices once again!

Our three campuses (the two primary campuses and our elementary campus) are open and running for summer school. We are currently accepting enrollments for the 2020-2021 school year. The health and safety of our staff and of your children are of paramount importance to us. We are following strict health checking measures as well as social distancing guidelines as directed by the County Health Dept, as well as by Licensing, the regulatory agency that oversees child care centers. To review our official documentation, click here and here. For any questions about our official protocol, please contact our office managers.